Created for business and non-profits…designed to add to your bottom line.

The most affordable credit card transaction system on the planet.

No per-transaction fee.

That’s right. Zero transaction fees on transactions over $25. Most companies charge a per transaction fee regardless of the amount. We offer fee-free transactions on ALL gifts over $25. An industry first. For gifts under $25, we offer a low .22¢ per transaction. The lowest rate you’ll find.

No Monthly Fees

Another industry first… ZERO monthly fees. No membership fee, no monthly statement fee, no account fee…nothing. Your partnership with The Giving Company is literally …free.

No Setup Fee

The Giving Company not only offers you the most affordable Merchant Account in the industry, but we also offer it to you for free. No setup or installation fees. Ever. Simply fill out our convenient online Application Form below. We will process your Application and get you saving within 48 hours.

And…we give back.

That’s correct. Through the generosity of our online transaction partner, we’re able to give back a percentage of every transaction to charity. By simply using our system, your organization’s transactions reach even further!

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